Daily Prompt: Close Call

I have two times in my life that I “dodged a bullet.” I’ll just share one of the events. Many years ago when I was 14 years old. I ran away from home (for 3 hours). I was walking down a semi-deserted road and a van with three men in it pulled up onto the sidewalk where I was walking. Like in a movie, the door opened, the two men in the back said, “Come on, we’ll give you a ride.” I stopped and with the absolute knowledge of 100% danger, I stood my ground. I told them to leave me alone and get lost. I didn’t move a muscle. I know without question I was protected that night. They slammed the door of the van and peeled off the sidewalk and drove away. I quickly walked home and didn’t run away again. As I type this I am so grateful I didn’t put my parents through the pain of having their child hurt in some horrible manner.